How Your Assets Are Protected at SPWM

It is common in the financial services industry for large brokerage firms to assert that somehow your assets at an independent firm are not protected as they are at a large firm. This assertion is simply not true. At Sierra Pacific Wealth Management, we custody our client assets at Wells Fargo Clearing Services.

What do this mean for you as a client and an investor?

Your assets are held on the independent platform of Wells Fargo and enjoy all of the same FDIC and SIPC protections that they would enjoy at Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Wells Fargo Advisors, et al. In addition, SPWM has partnered with independent boutique broker/dealer Prospera Financial to perform the services of field supervision, compliance and all brokerage transactions outside of clearing services provided by Wells Fargo. This multi-layer of protection and supervision ensures that every client account is afforded the very same protections of a large wirehouse firm at a much lower cost and with the ease and efficiency of a nimble, small firm verses the large corporate red tape we are all familiar with.

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